CLA - Catering Linhas Aéreas, SA.

Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport
Allotment 13
4470-558 Maia - Portugal

Telephone:   (+351) 229 439 340

Fax:               (+351) 229 439 379/78


Other information

NIPC (VAT): 500 970 351
Nature: S.A. (Anonymous Society)
Constitution: 25th of February of 1980

Health and Safety

Since its foundation, CLA has tried to claim itself and individualize itself in the market through the quality of its products and services, which reflect a corporate culture based on accuracy, demand, and transparency, the main values of the company.

The management system of food safety in force in CLA fulfills the requirement of accreditation NP EN ISO 22000:2005. Having implemented the prerequisite programs and the HACCP principles according to this accreditation, CLA matches the high quality standards demanded by its customers.

The company has perfectly adequate facilities with well defined and physically separated sections, allowing a continuous flow in production which provides an initial barrier against the emergence of crossed contamination.

CLA’s cold chain is constituted by 35 high capacity cooling chambers (6 freezers and 29 refrigerators), and all of them have monitored and informatically registered temperature

All collaborators that are in contact with food in the production phase receive a periodic and adequate formation, and wear appropriate clothing, supplied by the company, during work schedule.

The laboratorial control is carried out in an accredited laboratory and is performed daily in different products during the entire production process.

CLA is very demanding in the selection of its suppliers of products and services which is also a very important requirement for the maintenance of our quality standards. All of the suppliers are frequently visited and controlled in the laboratory.