CLA - Catering Linhas Aéreas, SA.

Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport
Allotment 13
4470-558 Maia - Portugal

Telephone:   (+351) 229 439 340

Fax:               (+351) 229 439 379/78


Other information

NIPC (VAT): 500 970 351
Nature: S.A. (Anonymous Society)
Constitution: 25th of February of 1980

Our Customers

Our main customers and where they are located , are as follows:

Main Customer Location
TAP Portugal Portugal
TAAG Linhas Aéreas Angola Angola
SATA Internacional Portugal
Lufthansa Germany
Netjets Portugal
Ryanair Ireland
EasyJet United Kingdom
Air Transat Canada
Duty-Free shops Portugal

Besides the above list of current customers, the company supplies multiple charters and executive flights’ companies such as presidential flights, His Holiness flights, etc., and throughout the years it has been presented with multiple recognition awards, which are our greatest source of pride.