CLA - Catering Linhas Aéreas, SA.

Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport
Allotment 13
4470-558 Maia - Portugal

Telephone:   (+351) 229 439 340

Fax:               (+351) 229 439 379/78


Other information

NIPC (VAT): 500 970 351
Nature: S.A. (Anonymous Society)
Constitution: 25th of February of 1980


The entire new unit was carefully thought and carefully divided to benefit the productive flow, being a unit properly differentiated, including bursar, bakery, hot meals kitchen, and pre-preparation, which, by its turn is divided into the subsections of meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, cooked food, and sandwiches, having as well a state of the art triage area and water treatment.

The means of production of the new unit reflect a huge technological evolution, such as convection ovens, rapid cooling chambers, cutlery packaging, smoked food production, and an area of 750m2 (8.072,932ft2) where cold rooms are installed.

In the entire production area was implemented a modern and efficient air conditioning system. This unit also has a modern food analysis laboratory, a medical centre, a laundry, and a room destined to professional training.

Together with the new production technologies there was the need to invest in human capital, which forced some areas to resort to qualified professionals, mainly in the area of Administration and in the area of Production and Quality Control.

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